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A quick look at educational apps for kids

Why use apps for kids?ID-100366588

Parents may think that spending time on devices is silly and time-wasting, but computers and tablets are being used to educate children in schools for research and homework.

There are many educational apps coming through to improve home learning. Using the technology is fun and can encourage learning even for the most unenthusiastic learners.

The types of apps for kids available

There are so many apps out there these days, for example apps for

  • colours
  • letter and numbers
  • reading or e-books
  • maths and money
  • learning different languages
  • meditation and mindfulness; and
  • even apps to teach kids about the world and how their actions can affect it

Here is a quick run though of some of the different types of apps for kids

1. Basic colour, letter and number appsID-100388797.jpg

There are plenty of free and easy to use apps for all ages, though the letter and number apps are generally targeted towards preschool children.

As children get older there are phonetic and reading apps, maths and money skill apps to help that are based on a recommended age or the child’s year level.

2. Kids foreign language apps

Do your have children that have immigrated to a new country? Kids who want to learn a second language? or even want to learn sign language? There are a variety of apps for kids to help them learn just about any language easily.

Have a look at Babbles list of 10 apps to help teach your kid a foreign language.

3. Green or environmental apps

These apps are great for teaching your child how to look after the environment, they teach things like sustainability, renewable energy, growing plants and about ideas like pollution and why it’s important to recycle.ID-100162629

Check out Mindshift and  look at Know Whats Inside for a few examples of some of the different environmental apps available.

4. Meditation and mindfulness apps

These apps can help your children relax their body and mind, often helping children to fall peacefully to sleep at night.These sort of apps have easy to follow audio instructions for teaching kids how to meditate.

A great example of this type of app is the Mindfulness for children the app.

Of course these are all things that you can teach your kids without apps, but if the technology is available to you it could be worth a try!



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